Important Questions to Ask of Your IT Vendor

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Best Practices, Communication

Anyone who spends a significant amount of time on the phone each day knows the value of speaking with someone who is knowledgeable and respectful.

When your business or organization has an IT issue that involves a vendor (you need a software license, a new laptop for an employee, a quick fix for some equipment, etc.), you might dread that phone call. “Will the person on the other line understand what I need?” you might wonder. “Will they care about getting me the right solution? How much of my day am I going to waste with this?”

These are all great questions, and there is unfortunately no guarantee that the answers to them will be positive. However, one question that might have a better answer is this:

“What would having one central point of contact for all my IT vendor solutions, one that’s friendly and capable, mean for my business?”

A good deal of happy thoughts could be swirling around your mind right now. Here’s a couple others.

Is there an upgrade that you need right away? Your new central point of contact is way ahead of you, thanks to remote monitoring, which lets it know when software or firmware is out of date before you even pick up the phone or click “Draft email.”

Is there an issue with a piece of equipment covered under warranty? Your central point of contact can manage these repairs for you in a way that works with your schedule, not someone else’s.

Are you getting what you need too slowly? Is it getting set up too slowly? Your central point of contact can worry about the busy work of buying what you need from the vendors you trust—often at a discount—and setting it up for you.

One phone number for everything, not dozens each for a different service. Sounds nice, right?

This wonderful process is called vendor management. Need some help with your vendors? Let Machado Consulting do it on your behalf! We look forward to earning your long-term business. Contact us here or by phone at (508) 453-4700.

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