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At Machado, we’re more than just IT support; we offer IT services that blend technology with compliance to boost your sector’s resilience, efficiency, and growth. Our military discipline and insight shape services that ensure compliance and give you a competitive edge. Thanks to our POD structure, you get personalized service from a team that’s really tuned into your business goals, turning IT from a basic need into a strategic asset for growth.

We’re recognized as a top MSP for our strong cybersecurity, compliance know-how, and proactive stance. This unique mix, not often found in the MSP world, aims to cut down risks and improve performance, making sure your tech supports and speeds up your business transformation. Choosing Machado as your IT Service Provider means you’re not just tackling IT issues; you’re laying a solid groundwork for success, ready to take on future challenges and making IT a key driver of your growth.

IT Services in Worcester, MA

Our Worcester Location

About Machado

IT Services in Massachusetts

Helder Machado's Story

Careers at Machado in Worcester

Our Worcester Location

Located in downtown Worcester, MA, since 2001, Machado sits in front of historic Worcester Common, a 4.4-acre green space listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Our location underscores Machado’s deep ties to the community while augmenting our role in delivering innovation in IT services in a dynamic urban environment.

Surrounded by Main, Franklin, and Front Streets with City Hall nearby, the Common enriches our presence in Worcester’s civic center.

About Machado

At Machado, we simplify IT solutions to boost your business, blending professional expertise with our diverse interests. From marathons to app development, and golf to performing arts, our passions inspire our approach to innovative IT strategies.

We’re here to secure your data, improve efficiency, and integrate cutting-edge technology, all while keeping it personal and accessible. As your trusted IT Service Provider, we combine technical skills with a personal touch, ensuring solutions that cater to your unique needs.

IT Services in Massachusetts

At Machado, we excel in delivering comprehensive IT services across Massachusetts. Our expertise covers network management, system integration, and leveraging the latest in technological innovation to meet the evolving needs of businesses. We are dedicated to ensuring that local companies have the strong IT infrastructure necessary to thrive in a dynamic market. Partner with us for IT services that propel your business forward.

Helder Machado’s Story

Helder Machado, who moved to the U.S. from Portugal as a child, is a true example of resilience and ambition. Growing up on a farm taught him the importance of hard work and valuing the small things. His military service, funded by the GI Bill, honed his leadership and tech skills. In 2001, Helder founded Machado Consulting, offering quality IT support to businesses of all sizes. His rise from modest beginnings to becoming a respected IT leader is marked by respect, family values, and community service, showcasing his pursuit of the American Dream and his commitment to making a difference.

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Careers at Machado in Worcester

Looking for a rewarding career in IT Services? At Machado in Worcester, we’re on the lookout for passionate individuals who align with our core values. If you’re seeking a role where growth, innovation, and teamwork are at the forefront, we’d be excited to meet you. Join our expanding team and help us continue to offer exceptional IT services.

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Break/Fix vs. Proactive IT Services

Break-Fix Consultant/Firm
Proactive MSP
Business Continuity
Response time is reactive, leading to possible delays and extended downtime. Costs and support can be unpredictable, potentially affecting long-term continuity.
With 24x7 monitoring, problems are spotted early, reducing downtime. Predictable costs, tailored support, and a focus on prevention mean better alignment with your business's continuity needs.
Businesses might experience prolonged downtimes waiting for issues to be resolved.
With ongoing monitoring and preventive measures, downtime is minimized. Issues are identified early and resolved before they affect business operations.
Security measures are implemented after issues or breaches occur.
Ensures that security measures are always up-to-date. Often conduct regular security audits, vulnerability assessments, and implement preventive measures.
Cost Predictability
Costs can be unpredictable. A calm month might cost nothing, but when major problems hit, the expenses can skyrocket.
Monthly fees keep your IT investment steady and predictable, making budgeting a breeze. No surprises, just solid planning.
Expertise and Training
May specialize in particular areas or problems. Continuous training might not be a priority since issues are addressed on an as-needed basis.
Training is continuously invested in teams. They are updated on the latest technologies, security threats, and best practices.
Service Model
When something breaks, the client contacts the consultant or firm to fix it. It's reactive by nature.
Ongoing service that proactively manages, monitors, and maintains a client's IT infrastructure. Attempts to prevent issues before they happen.
Relationship Approach
Relationships are often transactional. Interaction occurs primarily when there's a problem.
A more partnership-based relationship. Works continuously with the client to understand their needs, optimize their infrastructure, and plan for future growth.
May not have the resources or expertise to assist businesses as they grow and their IT needs change.
Often equipped to scale services as businesses grow. They can assist with IT planning, ensuring a smooth expansion.
Focus on resolving current problems, not necessarily on introducing new solutions or technologies.
Introduces their clients to new technologies or solutions that can improve efficiency, security, and business performance.
In-house Technology
Technology might be outdated or lack integration, causing inefficiencies.
Utilizes the latest technology and offers well-integrated systems, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

IT Services FAQ

What services do you offer in your IT support package?


Our IT support package includes unlimited phone, remote, and on-site support, management of network equipment, cybersecurity measures, and strategic IT planning to align with your business goals.

How do you ensure data security and compliance in highly regulated industries?


We implement strong cybersecurity solutions, conduct regular system audits, and ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA or GDPR, tailored to the specific needs of highly regulated industries.

Can you co-manage IT with our in-house team?


Yes, we offer co-managed IT services designed to complement your in-house team, providing additional expertise and support where needed, ensuring seamless IT operations.

What makes your IT services unique compared to other providers?


Our unique POD structure ensures personalized service, and our foundation in military discipline and strategic foresight offers a proactive, disciplined approach to IT management, emphasizing cybersecurity and compliance.

How do you handle IT emergencies or downtime?


We provide 24/7 monitoring and rapid response to IT emergencies, with strategies in place for minimizing downtime and ensuring quick recovery, including backup and disaster recovery solutions.

What is your approach to cybersecurity?


Our approach encompasses comprehensive protection strategies, including advanced threat detection, regular security audits, compliance checks, and employee cybersecurity training.

Do you offer any training for our staff on cybersecurity best practices?


Yes, we offer cybersecurity awareness training for your staff, covering best practices, threat identification, and safe online behavior to enhance your overall security posture.

How can you help with our company’s digital transformation?


We assist in digital transformation by evaluating your current IT infrastructure, recommending technology upgrades, and implementing solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and scalability.

Can you manage our cloud services and infrastructure?


Yes, we offer cloud management services, including migration, cloud infrastructure setup, monitoring, and optimization, to ensure you leverage the full benefits of cloud computing.

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