Penetration Testing

Proactively protect your team, business, and data against malicious attacks with comprehensive dual phase penetration testing.

Phase 1: Assessment

The first phase of testing out your security defense begins with an in-depth study of your infrastructure to identify any weaknesses. After the assessment, you’ll be given a detailed report of our findings, including any threats we have determined could be a problem.

Phase 2: Penetration Testing

The second phase of strengthening your cyber defense is penetration testing.

Penetration testing simulates cyberattacks from the outside and the inside of your organization, both wirelessly and wired, and discovers any possible backdoors or gaps in your security. This test proves or disproves the findings of your phase one vulnerability assessment.

Once the attacks have been simulated, you will get a detailed report of any detected vulnerabilities and recommended steps to resolve them. This exercise helps to better understand your cybersecurity posture, including policies and procedures.

Of data breaches involved small business victims.

Strengthen Your Cyber Defense


  • Management of firewalls, switches, phone systems, WiFi, and other network equipment
  • Secure remote access to endpoint devices, a critical vulnerability in the age of work from home
  • Availability of VPNs for additional privacy benefits


  • Comprehensive anti-virus software that identifies and prevents the download of malware
  • Content filtering that restricts what types of domains internal users can access
  • Updates and patches to your website to make sure older software and plug-ins can’t be exploited


  • SPAM and anti-virus filtering on all devices
  • Assurance of WISP (Written Information Security Program) compliance
  • Annual security compliance audit

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