What is Remote Monitoring and Maintenance and How Does it Help My Business?

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Backup, Best Practices

Small businesses are what makes up the majority of businesses in the US, and with the current pandemic it can be hard for them to stay open. But if they do stay open, they still need to keep up with compliance standards and maintain their systems without wasting time or falling behind. Some companies rely heavily on the technology they use to run their business, and if they can’t run it efficiently, there could be some major problems.

Businesses thrive off of efficiency, and to do so they may need a little help. One of the ways a small business can get that help is from a remote monitoring and maintenance system.

What is RMM?

Remote monitoring and maintenance (RMM) is a set of information technology tools that an IT service provider puts in a user’s servers, connected devices, or workstations. They monitor all activity and provide analytics to the IT service provider so they can intervene before something breaks. This proactive approach triggers alerts to the technicians so they can come in and fix something without the client even knowing something went wrong. RMM also allows for routine patches and updates to keep things running smoothly.

Using an RMM is a more efficient way to keep specifics up to date. It also allows your severs to be updated and patched routinely without causing any downtime in the workday. This is because these updates happen at night or outside of your regular work hours. With an RMM system, you incur predictable monthly costs as opposed to one large expense when something inevitably breaks.

You also get help desk support via RMM. You can avoid wasting time explaining your issue over the phone to someone unfamiliar with your systems and waiting for instructions on what to do. With RMM installed on your workstation, the technician can simply “plug in” and take control, getting to work immediately and remotely. This way, you don’t have to try to resolve the problem on your own or worse, waiting around for a technician to show up on site. This resolves timing issues, pandemic-related health concerns, and most importantly, it gets your issue solved faster than ever.

Staying on Top of Your IT

Alternatively, you could choose the “break-fix” model for IT. This model is used when companies have no RMM systems. So, when something breaks, these companies need to stop what they are doing to find someone to fix it. This can cause downtime in the workday and disrupt your employees’ workflow. This is also a very expensive way to run things, with sudden, large expenses for fixes that could have been prevented in the first place.

An RMM system is something your company needs to be more efficient and effective. These tools can be accessed through a managed service provider (MSP). With these tools, the MSP can monitor your endpoints, networks, and computers. MSPs can also remotely roll out patches, install updates, configure software, and solve any other pressing issues. With RMM, your small business doesn’t have to worry about routine updates or using different vendors each time to fix an issue.

An MSP like Machado Consulting takes all the hard work out of fixing your problems. Machado Consulting provides RMM services for your business to help save you time and money. This might just be the business move you’ve been looking for, and we’d be happy to get you started today. Contact us here or by phone at (508) 453-4700

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