What Can an MSP Do for Your Cybersecurity?

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Cybersecurity, Managed IT Services

With new changes in cybersecurity, it may be hard to keep up and stay prepared for what is to come. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and how they do business. Companies have shut down or moved to remote work, bringing about many changes to how you protect your data.

What are some essential needs for businesses during and after COVID-19? One thing is for sure, businesses are going to need heightened security and an efficient way to manage IT. To go about this, businesses should take advantage of managed security services with the technology and expertise to meet their specific needs.

Small and medium sized businesses are generally the ones who will need that extra support from a managed security service. With this extra help, employees will be able to seamlessly work from home while being socially distant without gaps in their network or security. But effective cybersecurity requires a multi-layer defense which requires the integration of multiple technologies. Unfortunately, many small businesses have all these tools but not enough knowledge or time to learn how to leverage them. In this case, they jump between different vendors for different solutions.

Using different vendors for different solutions may make it so that these vendors are not able to coexist harmoniously without constant, day-to-day administration. When companies don’t have the resources to manage the integration of each vendor, they have a higher level of risk for cyberattacks. Conversely, when companies rely on one business partner to manage vendors and provide cybersecurity solutions, protection is dramatically simplified, making it more effective.

What does a managed service provider do for cybersecurity?

Managed service providers offer a more practical way to cybersecurity solutions. MSPs help solve issues that emerge when multiple services from multiple vendors are used. They hand-pick a curated suite of tools and can therefore strike a balance between power, practicality, and price. With this, MSPs can offer a full range of cybersecurity capabilities that their customers can take advantage of.

Now is the best time to look into getting an MSP for your small business so you can prepare for all the new and unexpected changes thrown your way during this pandemic and afterwards. If you’re one of the hundreds of companies who struggles to find an MSP that fits their needs and holds their same values, now’s a great time to do a little comparison shopping.

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