2017: The Year of Windows 10

Jan 1, 2017 | In the News

Since the release of Windows 10 this past July, we’ve been piloting Windows 10 in our office and watching Microsoft work out all the “kinks” with their latest operating system. With the ushering in of the new year, distributors are quickly running out of computers that come pre-installed with Windows 7. At the beginning of the new year, Machado Consulting will begin offering computers with Windows 10 preinstalled. We will continue to sell Windows 7 machines while availability lasts but recommend making the jump to the latest and greatest Windows 10. Worried about losing some of your favorite Windows 7 feature or a little uneasy about learning a new operating system? Don’t worry, we have you covered.The release of Windows 8 saw the disappearance of the beloved Windows Start Menu that we all knew and loved. Luckily there were a few developers out there that came up with the brilliant idea to bring the start menu back to Windows just like we remembered. Apps like ‘Classic Start’ brought back that old school look and made us all feel right at home again. Microsoft took the cues from the masses and implemented a new, fancier, start menu with their Windows 10 release.
The latest Windows 10 build makes it extremely easy to access your favorite programs, settings, and folders with just a click of the Start Menu. Just like in Windows 7, you can easily browse and launch applications and documents with just a few clicks. If you’re someone who NEEDS that old school feel, the Machado Consulting team will happily install ‘Classic Start’ onto your computer to bring back the start menu you know and remember.
Worried about your applications not working in Windows 10, so are we! Since Windows 10 looks like it’s here to stay, most developers have gotten on-board with making sure their software works with Microsoft’s newest release. However, some older, legacy, programs may not work like they’re supposed to with Windows 10. Be sure to mention any special software you or your team uses before making the jump to Windows 10.
If you have any questions, or fears, about upgrading your computers we have trained technicians standing by. Feel free to email our support at or give us a call to chat 1 on 1 with a tech at 508-453-4700.

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