Cost Savings and Efficiency

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Business Solutions

What do you do when the check engine light comes on in your car? How about when a pipe bursts in your home? When the roof starts leaking?

(Hopefully, your answer isn’t to break out a roll of duct tape because, “How hard could it be to fix?”)

No, when these things happen, you talk to an expert.

Contrary to what the handyman or handywoman inside you may think, there is no shame in turning to outside help. Getting the job done right the first time (“Honey, I thought you said you fixed that leak!”) really matters. And while duct tape is cheap, unexpected, long-term, and catastrophic problems are not.

That’s what we’re here to talk about: cost savings. More specifically, how do you as a manager or other professional reduce your organization’s information technology costs? As it turns out, enlisting the help of a trusted managed service provider (MSP) is a smart first step.

How do you as a manager or other professional reduce your organization’s information technology costs?

Thanks to the flat-rate, subscription-based business model of most MSPs, your organization’s accounting department will see immediate improvements in three areas:

  1. IT expenses will dramatically decrease and become much more predictable
  2. There will be no unexpected or extraneous fees. Plus, you pay only for the services you need
  3. It’s easy to leave, so the MSP must earn your business everyday by providing great customer service and fast solutions

Speaking of speed, efficiency is major benefit of working with a trusted MSP. When your systems are reliable, accessible, and speedy, it in turn makes your employees more productive. Remote systems allow an MSP to respond quickly to most issues without having to “send the tech person over in two days.” This makes lengthy and costly downtime a thing of the past.

Cloud computing solutions offered by a trusted MSP allow you to move variable-usage applications, or applications your organization is not constantly using, to the cloud. This can eliminate the high maintenance costs and inherent waste associated with keeping a dedicated server operational for infrequently used apps. Compute power from the MPS’s server is typically available on demand—or as you need it—making it convenient and easy to escalate operations without investing in hardware.

In addition to dramatically reducing capital costs, expensive, time-consuming annoyances like upgrades and patches can all be handled by a trusted MSP. What’s more, automation enables the provider to dramatically simplify the end-user’s experience, expediting workflows and further improving productivity.

MPSs can save your business or organization money by increasing efficiency in nearly every aspect of IT—with little to no downsizing for your in-house IT department. In fact, 53% of companies using managed services have made no headcount changes whatsoever since onboarding their MSP.

There are still many more ways a trusted MSP is a smart IT solution. Have you considered, for example, the security and compliance benefits of switching?

How do you tell a “trusted” MSP apart from the rest of the pack? You interview them, of course!

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