New Technology and Comparative Advantage

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Cloud

We heard a story recently about two neighbors duking it out in the most neighborly way possible. The first homeowner, after saving up some money, decided to convert the shed in his backyard to a multimedia man cave. Situated next to his pool, it featured a 70” TV built into the wall that flipped outward so he and the family (or, more likely, he and his friends) could watch football from the pool.

Well, word of the first neighbor’s awesome backyard setup got around to Neighbor Two. Not about to be outdone, he went ahead with a project that would blow the first man’s setup out of the water. He wanted to watch games from his pool, too. Neighbor Two bought himself a fancy, ultra-expensive projector so he could project the big game onto the wall of his garage. No tiny 70” TV for him.

Neighbor One was angry about being outdone and wanted to buy something even crazier. His significant other, however, intervened. This was for the best. Neighbor One soon found out that, thanks to a gap in the trees, he could just watch the game from his neighbor’s garage wall! Discovering this, Neighbor Two decided not to his block rival’s view since, in his mind, he had “won.”

The stakes for outdoing your rival in business are significantly higher than they are for neighborly competition. And unlike in the above story, your competitor won’t be nice enough to share what they have and you lack.

MSPs, which often double as cloud service providers (CSPs), offer access to a plethora of cloud-based services and systems at a fraction of the cost

No, in the business world, in order to stay ahead of the competition with the latest technology, you must pay. Fortunately, a trusted managed service provider, or MSP, is an excellent way to quickly gain access to these technologies in a cost-effective manner.

Take accessing the cloud, for instance. The most common application of this technology exists as internet-based software like Office 365 and G suite, but there are many more applications. If your business or organization were to try to access these and other related technologies like hybrid clouds (which combine private and public clouds) and cloud-native eco-systems, it would require massive investments in capital, expertise, labor, and time.

MSPs, which often double as cloud service providers (CSPs), offer access to a plethora of cloud-based services and systems at a fraction of the cost (since they already own and operate the necessary hardware and software) and can set them up quickly and easily. It’s like getting that awesome projector set-up in your backyard without having to purchase the equipment!

Another way that a trusted managed service provider can give you a leg up over the competition is through designing and maintaining your website or mobile app. The traditional brick and mortar store will fall behind in today’s business world. An online presence is massive convenience for consumers and a significant asset for your business (both tangible and intangible since it can improve your brand image if done professionally).

Don’t fall behind the times. Don’t spend outrageous sums of money catching up. Stay ahead with a trusted managed service provider and start reaping the benefits of comparative advantage.

How do you tell a “trusted” MSP apart from the rest of the pack? You interview them, of course!

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