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by | Feb 7, 2020 | Business Solutions

How many times has this happened at your business or organization? A computer slows down or goes offline entirely, the email server goes on the fritz, the main website has an issue impeding customer traffic, the printer breaks, a hard drive crashes, or you can’t access the right files—maybe even the wrong people can access those files. The list goes on. The point is, any one of these problems is not only annoying but potentially disastrous.

Take, for instance, the website issue. Even minor problems that disturb the end-user’s experience can lead to major disruptions. Any manager with a sales-minded attitude will cringe at the potential lost revenue from such a hiccup, and this is to stay nothing of the damage done to the organization’s image and reputation. Depending on the type of issue, security could be compromised as well.

If yours is like most organizations, it has an IT department. Your technicians might even be the office heroes, swooping in and saving the day whenever something like a website problem occurs. Unfortunately, these heroes can get overwhelmed easily, no matter how dutiful and technically skilled they are.

Don’t believe it? What do you think would happen if you took a couple of the world’s best chefs and left them alone in the kitchen of a huge restaurant during the dinner rush? It would be a madhouse! Customers would not stand for the long wait times and would go somewhere else. It would not be the chefs’ fault; they would just be too overwhelmed by the task.

So, what do you do as the restaurant manager? You could hire more top-tier chefs, but they command a high salary. The better option would be to bring in inexpensive but still talented chefs de partie, or station chefs—one to sauté, one to grill, one to fry, etc.—to assist the chefs.

In the IT world, that third-party, inexpensive yet talented assistance is managed service providers, or MSPs.

When you turn to a trusted managed service provider for IT help with your business or organization, the first area in which you’ll see benefits, beside saving money and increasing efficiency, is freedom.

This freedom takes many forms. For starters, when in-house IT staff are relieved of much of the “busy work” they must do daily—website support, hardware and software upgrades, repairs, vendor communications, and more—they suddenly can focus on the core business.

The same goes for non-IT staff members. When a trusted MSP is proactively managing their workstations and networks (checking before things go wrong), downtime is dramatically reduced, leading to gains in productivity.

What’s more, your whole business or organization is granted a significant amount of power and freedom with its trusted MSP. This includes the ability to escalate operations essentially with the click of a button (thanks to cloud solutions) as well as the freedom to cut ties with the MSP if it is not delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

So, how do you tell a “trusted” MSP apart from the rest of the pack? You interview them, of course! You can do that by reaching out to us here or by calling (508) 453-4700.

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